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The second book of Randy and Gary: commonly called Insertion

Chapter 1

1In the Fatherland a new ruler arose, Pablo Escobar. But he was corrupt and he did not want to give up his power. 2The people of the fatherland suffered under his rule. He waged war on the common guardians. He killed police, lawyers, other government officals, and any one who stood in his way. He appeased the common people by giving them cocain and money.

3Until one day a young boy named Adolf Hitler dared to stand up against this new ruler. Adolf saw one of Escobar's men beating a police officer. 4Adolf looked around and saw no one so he killed Escobar's man and saved the police man.

5The next day as Adolf walked down the street he saw two of his neighbor's fighting. He went to the one and asked, "Why do you strike your fellow man? Bitch. What the fuck did he do to you?"

6His neighbor answered him, "Who the fuck are you asshole? You're not my fucking wife, you can't tell me what to do. You better step the fuck back before I put this shovel upside your head. Faggot ass." Then the man realized who Adolf was. "Say bitch ho, I saw you on the TV, you're wanted for a murder."

7Upon hearing this Adolf kicked the man in the nuts and fled. Adolf went into hiding but he did not abandon hope. One day upon the hills in which Adolf dwelt Swasti the Swastika came to Adolf.

"Fear not," Swasti said, "For I bring you a message. Start a new government party and over throw Escobar. For he is a butthole!"

8Over the years Adolf formed the National Socialist German Workers Party. The party was known to Germany's common people as Robin's of the Hood or Nazi's. They waged war on Pablo Escobar.

9The Nazi's started to kill members of Pablo Escobar's gang, liberating the German people. But the Nazi's didn't stop there. They killed families and any one associated with Pablo Escobar. No one was safe.

10Then one day Adolf with some of his body guards went to Pablo Escobar. Adolf stood before Escobar and said, "Let my jewish people go you fucking asshole!" But Escobar refused and after a dashing chase, captured Adolf.

11During Hitler's trial, sympathetic magistrates allowed Hitler to turn his coup debacle into a propaganda triumph. He was then thrown into jail for nine months. During Adolf's time in jail he wrote "Mein Hahn".

12Once the book was publish Adolf gained support throughout the land.

13Adolf once again went to Pablo Escobar. He demanded that Pablo Escobar let his people go. But Pablo Escobar refused and then said, "You have no say here! Be gone with you!"

14Adolf stood before Pablo Escobar and said, "For I will leave but mark my word, I will prove my power to you and you will release my people!"    StumbleUpon Toolbar

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